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Hey, I'm Tiffany Roe!

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, award-winning psychology teacher, keynote speaker, host of the Therapy Thoughts Podcast, Business Coach & the founder of the Feel Deal Heal® Studio.

I'm on a mission to make mental health accessible, to banish the stigma around mental illness, & to create a community that knows we all have the power to Feel Deal Heal® & that therapy is cool® 

Each of my mental health courses deliver NO BS therapeutic lessons and skills in a budget-friendly and time-effective manner.

Take these courses at your own speed, you have access forever.

You deserve taking care of your mental health.

I’m here to help! 

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The feel deal heal®️decks are changing lives

“The coping skills cards have been a miracle worker for our family!”

Interrupt anxiety

”I love both decks… awesome”

They are already proving to be soooo useful!

Helping my resistant teen

Modern Mental Health Courses For Everyone

"I can't say enough about the courses and material. My daughter and I listen every Saturday morning. We have listened and worked through the courses twice and every time we pick up something else that we missed or didn't need at the time. I love that Tiffany Roe is helping get rid of the stigma with mental health. My daughter is a freshman and I feel like this has helped her and myself understand what we are both going through. My daughters health teacher has been to impressed with the knowledge she has gotten from your courses."

Thank you so much for this incredible course! I 10/10 recommend! 🌟

“As a therapist, I purchased a bundle of courses to help support myself and also get the perspective on some therapeutic material from a badass therapist who I respect immensely. The Inner Child course in particular was so powerful - the workbook and meditations really helped with actionable practices to help connect to “little-me” and I still use some of those practices with myself (and my clients) to this day. The confrontation of pain meditation is something I come back to regularly to help myself lean into what needs to be leaned into so that I can support myself - inner child work is a journey, not a destination, and this course really helped me get on the path so that I could help my clients do the same. Thank you so much for this incredible resource, Tiffany! I 10/10 recommend! 🌟”


That course was such a gift for me

I took your faith transition course five years ago. It was an incredibly lonely, disorienting, and scary time for me. That course was such a gift for me at a time when I needed some kind of anchor. This course helped me sort through a very confusing and rocky phase of my life. I saved my notes and recently went through them, this time through the eyes of someone who is starting a therapist internship and there is SO much good stuff in that course. There is no agenda of trying to get you to leave or stay in a religion, and even support for mixed-faith marriages. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Tiffany for creating that course. 


”My fav business coach is T Roe”

"I’m Suneera Madhani, a billionaire tech unicorn, founder and CEO of STAX, one of America's top 10 fastest-growing fintech companies, a Forbes 40 under 40, and I fucking love Tiffany Roe. Tiffany Joined my business mastermind and her knowledge and impact stood out and I knew we would collaborate. I then hired Tiffany as MY business coach and can’t recommend her highly enough. She supported my skillset AND mindset in coaching. She coached me in launching my first entrepreneur retreat and a robust online course. She worked with my team and overdelivered every time. 

I now hire Tiffany not only as my 1:1 business coach, but hire her to speak at all my retreats, conferences, have had her on my podcast, and have developed an authentic supportive friendship. She’s a perfect mix of challenging, supportive, empathic, visionary, hype girl, and knowledge. 

It’s rare to find a coach who has scaled both a digital business brand AND a brick and mortar physical business; that’s what drew me to Tiffany. She also has the mental health/mindset expertise that has been the biggest game changer for me. 20/10 recommend my friend, colleague, coach, and fav therapist T. Roe.“

T Roe Biz School

"The wealth and knowledge you share, as well as your personal experiences of growing your social media presence from a place of authenticity and personal strengths, was both inspiring and exciting. 

I am so, so impressed with not only the wealth of knowledge you share in this course, but also with the heart from which you do so. You embody what it means to show up as yourself and I love that you encourage others not to do it in the exact way you did, but to find what works for and with themselves. I found your course to be empowering, supportive, knowledgeable, practical, and deeply validating of what the process of being seen in a bigger way is like."

~Lisa Oliveria Marriage & Family Therapist @_lisaolivera

1:1 Biz coaching

Tiffany gave me the tools I needed to zoom out, make changes in my day to day role in my business to maximize my time, and helped me get through blockers along the way. Seemingly simple suggestions like getting my team on Slack (instead of texting all day and night 💀), hiring a virtual assistant, cutting down the hours I was working IN my business so I could work ON my business, and giving me the inside scoop on how to launch an amazing course are all some of the ways she has helped me grow into the CEO I am today, rather than remaining the founder I was 5 months ago.

I am forever grateful for Tiffany and can’t wait to see what else I do with her guidance over the next 6 months! Thank you Tiffany!"

~Becky Allen, PT, DPT