Modern Mental Health Courses

Hi, I'm Tiffany Roe!

I’m a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, award-winning psychology teacher, speaker, & the owner of Mindful Counseling in Utah.

I'm on a mission to make mental health accessible, to banish the stigma around mental illness, and to create a community that knowsthera py is cooland that together we can

Feel Deal Heal™. 

Each of my mental health courses deliver NO BS therapeutic lessons and skills in a budget-friendly and time-effective manner. Take these courses at your own speed, you have access forever.

You deserve taking care of your mental health.

I’m here to help! 



Are you a Helping Biz Pro? I've got you...

Therapist to CEO COURSE

Are you ready to scale and monetize your business?
My Therapist to CEO COURSE is for you!

Get access to over 23 hours of video, 16 workbooks, guest interviews, and the mindset / skillset training you need to make big impact & scale.

Therapist to Social Media Pro COURSE

Are you looking for a solid social media, online course & business foundation?

Watch my FREE MASTERCLASS to learn my top 5 ways to scale your helping biz with social media & learn more about this course!

Nail your Niche Freebie

Looking to identify your unique niche + ideal client for your business?

Download this FREE booklet to kickstart your online presence, push you towards finding your voice and brand, and start creating the business you’ve always wanted.


In entrepreneurship, our mental health matters just as much as our business strategy.

I have 3 coaching packages for entrepreneurs.

This is SKILL SET & MINDSET coaching from an entrepreneurial therapist whose scaled both a digital & physical business.


Therapy is Cool™!

You know what's cool? Therapy.

You know what isn't cool? Mental health stigma.

I started the Therapy is Cool™ movement because mental health stigma is harmful and outdated. When you wear the OG Therapy is Cool apparel, you actively fight the stigma and shame surrounding mental health. You start conversations and give permission to others to take care of themselves. 

Together we can banish the stigma surrounding mental health, change the game and FEEL, DEAL, HEAL™.

Modern Mental Health Courses
For Everyone

"I can't say enough about the courses and material. My daughter and I listen every Saturday morning. We have listened and worked through the courses twice and every time we pick up something else that we missed or didn't need at the time. I love that Tiffany Roe is helping get rid of the stigma with mental health. My daughter is a freshman and I feel like this has helped her and myself understand what we are both going through. My daughters health teacher has been to impressed with the knowledge she has gotten from your courses."

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