The Feel Deal Heal® COPING SKILLS deck



Get 52 therapist-approved coping skill cards that teach you how to cope with distress & guide you to feel deal heal. Learn to manage your emotions & stress so they don’t manage you.


I’ve been a licensed therapist & award-winning psychology teacher for 12 + years & the number one request 10’s of thousands of people have asked me for…




So I created the feel deal heal COPING SKILLS deck to make mental health support accessible so you finally FEEL empowered, equipped, prepared, supported, & able to cope when you need to most.


COPING SKILLS are the cornerstone of mental health and empower you to rewire your brain. 

Learning how to cope is the foundation of resilience, safety, & badass mental health!


The deck empowers you to:

1) cope in the moment when distress is happening!

2) build a strong coping skills muscle so you’re prepared BEFORE stress hits!


With effort, repetition, & consistency; you can:

• confidently manage your emotions,

• deal with discomfort,

• cope with distress,

• be prepared for stressors,

• teach & and your loved ones of all ages real skills to improve your mental health,

• build a tool box to make you your most resilient & confident self.


Every card in the coping skills deck is psychology-based, & utilizes different skills to

• connect to your 5 senses,

• to calm your nervous system,

• to manage thoughts & feelings,


Use the COPING SKILLS deck daily to grow your “window of tolerance”

Think of it like investing money in a savings account - with repetition, consistency,  & effort you have a deep well of resilience you’ve built with daily practice of these skills!


The feel deal heal COPING SKILLS deck makes mental health an easy part of your daily routine.



✔️Don’t “wing-it” when it comes to your mental health and well-being.

✔️Use therapist-approved  psychological coping techniques to calm your nervous system & build a deep well of knowledge to cope & thrive in any situation.


Mental Health skills don’t have to be hard or complicated, they can be easy & accessible with my feel deal heal COPING SKILLS deck.


Want to feel more calm & grounded?

➡️ Pull a coping skills card!


Want to be prepared for triggers?

➡️ Pull a daily card when you’re already calm to build your coping skill muscle and learn tools through repetition, consistency, & effort.

Need to de-stress & feel more peace?

➡️ A coping skills card will remind you how.

Feeling overwhelmed?

➡️ Pull a card and apply real psychological strategies.

Want to teach your kids coping skills?

➡️ Have them pull a card and practice during their nighttime routine.


Want an intentional morning routine to start your day with a positive mindset?

➡️ Pull a daily card and make mental health part of your routine.


Get the most out of your FEEL DEAL HEAL COPING SKILLS DECK:


•Pull a coping skills card when feeling stressed, triggered or overwhelmed.

•Pull cards daily when you are calm to build your knowledge & coping skill muscles before you need them!

•Snap a pic of a coping skills cards and text it to a friend.

•The perfect coffee table mental health accessory.

•The perfect work desk accessory to manage stress & stay calm.

•Gift to a stranger by putting a card on their car windshield.

•Tape to your bathroom mirror for daily reminders.

•Use as bookmarks.

•Put on your fridge for COPING SKILL reminders.

•Drop in your kids backpack or lunchbox for a daily dose of love & reminder.

•Leave around the house for your partner to find.

•Keep on bedside table for a mental health morning routine, try reading them before scrolling!

•Put a card on your car dash.

•Display and rotate cards on your work desk.

•Snap pics of deck cards to make your mobile home screen.

•Let kids play with, stack, match, hide and seek cards, and get familiar with coping skills in daily life.

•Clip multiple cards to a wire or laundry line for instant inspirational art in your home.

•Draw a card to prompt daily journaling, reflection or meditation focus.

•Keep the deck in your purse to review when waiting in line.

•Take your deck to therapy!

•Have your kids pull a card during their bedtime routine to practice coping skills.

•Give coping skills as a holiday or birthday gift to support your loved ones in an incredibly valuable way.



There is no better time than NOW to gift this FUN, PSYCHOLOGY-BASED, MOTIVATING, and EMPOWERING coping skills deck.

• As a mom, I love seeing my 5-year-old play with this coping skills deck and repeat and practice the skills with me.

• As a wife, I love surprising my partner with coping skills cards in their car, on their nightstand, and mirror.

• As a therapist, my clients verbalize and speak the mental health messages in session to learn & practice real changes.

• As a woman dedicated to mental health, I make the cards part of my self-care routine to keep my emotional regulation on point and prevent burnout.

• As a friend & sister, I give cards and decks to show I love my people & give them access to tools I KNOW work.


It’s never to soon or too late to start adding mental health coping skills to your life! These are for everyone:

Kids, Teens, Adults, Friends, Parents, Partners, Clients, Colleagues, Coworkers, Neighbors, Strangers, People struggling, People thriving, People needing love!


Pull a card, focus on your mental health technique, & feel deal heal® .


This deck helps you more each time you use it:

- The first time you pull a card you’re learning a new coping skill.

- Every time you see the card again, you’re establishing repetition, consistency, & effort.

- That is the key to new habits & changing your brain!


Want to make it even more likely you’ll utilize your skills during stress?

• Practice them when you’re calm!

• Pull a card (or five) everyday & establish familiarity & practice mental health techniques as part of your daily routine to prevent burnout, be prepared for stressors, and have a strong coping skills muscle!


Feel more calm, grounded, present, and clear with each coping skill card you practice.

Pull a card & learn to manage your emotions and stress so they don’t manage you. It’s gonna take us all to change this mental health game.

Feel, deal, heal® ; one card at a time.



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