Your Feelings Aren't The Problem, Your Reaction Is

Cultivate a safe relationship with your emotions. Open up to unpleasant feelings. Emotions won’t harm you. No one has freaking died from the sensations of anxiety or guilt. Learn not to overreact to them. .️

Have a non-striving approach to all of them. Don’t strive for them to be any different than they are in any given moment. Don’t avoid situations where they are invoked. Gently notice, accept, and embrace experience and events, especially unwanted ones! .

Let’s take it a step further. My attention grabbing graphic says your reaction to your emotions is the problem. That’s not entirely true. The REAL problem is the judgment OF your judgment! Therapy is a lot like watching the movie Inception - lots of layers folks. So gently notice your reaction and come back to opening up to the sensations. Notice your reactions and take a very curious investigative approach. Instead of labeling, pushing away, suppressing, hating... JUST NOTICE. .

Promise this is the key. This is Mindfulness and more specifically Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Most of my time with clients is spent teaching and practicing this principle over and over. It works because it’s paradoxical. By allowing emotions - they pass. It goes against our nature so don’t sweat it if this is a struggle. It means your brain works

Try this today. What triggers unwanted emotions? Does something not go your way? Do you receive criticism? Do you dislike what you see in the mirror? Try a non-striving mindful acceptance. Grab my emotional regulation and mindfulness courses for more on this

Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe