Oh Mindfulness, I Love You

Oh mindfulness, I love you. Ya know when you find a concept that just grabs your brain and calls to you? Like a truth you know so deeply that it just rings to your soul? That’s mindfulness for me.

About a decade ago I discovered mindfulness and it’s a pillar of so many things for me; mental health, relationships, spirituality, you name it.

One concern my clients mention when we explore the application of mindfulness is, “but I’m not good at it, my mind always races and wanders.” I often say that means your brain works! It’s an organ and its job is to think. It’s not bad that it thinks.

Mindfulness allows us to be more aware of the brain and its tendencies. It allows us to tune into our process, practicing doing so without judgment. When you notice your brain is future tripping, fearing, & ruminating... that means you’re being mindful of the present moment! Catching our thoughts and building awareness is the point. Part of living in the now is awareness.

So, when you catch yourself not being in the moment, that puts you in the moment. I love the gentle permission and allowance to “practice” mindful living. No one is mindful all the time, but the moments where we practice awareness, brings so much benefit, it calls us back again and again.

What’s happening ••now••? It’s the sweet spot of mental health. 🧘‍♀️

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T. Roe