Don't Make Permanent Decisions On Temporary Feelings

Emotion is energy is motion. It fluctuates, moves, shifts, & changes. No emotional state is static. Notice how emotions change, you’re never indefinitely stuck in an emotional experience. Experience your emotions like waves; swelling, rising, creating, falling, and repeating. Be mindful of the emotions - noticing what sensations they create in your body without judgment. Notice your behavioral urges in response to those sensations and just ••ride the wave••.

Consider how strong emotional experiences are providing you information. I often tell my clients to use distraction skills when emotions are 10/10. We are far more equipped to balance logic with emotions when they aren’t 10/10... wait on decision making until your emotions are more balanced. Grab my emotional regulation course for all the skills and tools to learn emotional management tools. 🧡

Sidebar: It’s been incredible and so much fun connecting with you all on here. I’m constantly touched by the MASSIVE support from you all. Thanks for believing in me. I’m passionate about my calling and purpose to spread self-love and fight shame. I really love y’all! If you want more, I have created online courses with the most asked about topics and teach you my best therapy tools in a quick and affordable format.

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