You Gotta Shop Around For A Therapist!

Not every therapist is for you, and that’s okay!

We each have specialties, personalities, styles, training, and backgrounds that influence our fit to you! Good therapy boils down to a good relationship. You gotta trust your therapist and feel safe. Part of me launching myself onto social media was to remove the barrier for consumers. Here you get to see me in action and decide if we’d match before investing in a session!

I require Mindful Counseling therapists to create a social media presence for the same reason (just hired two new therapists! Hop on our waitlist!) Tons of therapists have joined social media and it’s easier than ever to vet a mental health pro.

Check their website, blog, social media, and ask around for referrals on top of your internet search. You deserve to have a bomb therapist, here’s hoping you find one where you can do some great work on your mental health goals! Ya heard it here first, ️ therapy is cool!

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My Therapy thoughts are for educational purposes only and are not a replacement for a therapeutic relationship or individualized mental health or medical care.

Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe