Welcome To My Inner Child Series!

Inner child work is a pillar of my personal mental health and has inspired much of my work and recovery. I’m excited to share some resources with you!

Being a loving and warm parent to yourself is the work we all take on as we leave the imperfect care of our caregivers and step into responsibility as adults. YOU know your needs, feelings, deepest struggles, and dreams. YOU are the only one who can show up for yourself the way you need. Inner child work allows you to reconnect to this part of yourself, apply self-compassion, mindfulness, self-care, and heal in a lasting and meaningful way.

Disclaimer - if you have a diagnosed mental health condition and/or a history of childhood trauma, I recommend working with a mental health professional to support your inner-child work. This work can trigger trauma, memories, strong feelings, and it’s highly emotional. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable or unstable at this time, allow yourself to put this work off until you consult with your treatment team.

Let’s begin!

Today’s prompt:

Write your inner-child an introduction letter. Before jumping in, spend a few moments getting settled and grounded. Breathe. Gently set the stage to write.

Dear (insert age of inner child you’d like to connect with).

Introduce yourself. “I’m older you!”

How do you feel about your inner-child?

Acknowledge what child is going through.
“You live here
You’re feeling
You’re struggling with
You’re succeeding in”

Validate them.
“Your feelings are valid.
They matter.
You belong.
I believe you.
I know your feelings are important.
I’ve felt what you feel and you’re not alone.”

Make a commitment:
“I’m here for you now.
I’m big you and you deserve.....”
(insert needs of child ex: love, connection, fun, to be a kid).

Write what you’re committed to:
“I’ll write to you everyday this week.
I’ll check in again on Sunday.
I’ll talk to you anytime.
I’ll meet your basic needs.”

Love, sign your name.

Start there!

If at anytime this feels overwhelming or triggering, you can walk away from the prompts. This is on-going work that can foster a deep connection to self and heal, but it can be heavy work. Trust your gut.

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe