Therapy Thoughts: Intuitive Eating

Monday therapy thoughts:

Keep intuitively eating.

Don’t let diet cultures favorite day lie to you about needing to over exercise or restrict food today.

There’s no more quick fix mentality when you heal your relationship with food. No extremes. No major changes. You don’t need to eliminate a food group. You can listen to your body.

Depending on your personal journey of rejecting the diet mentality and listening to your body, you’ll be in a unique place.

Maybe it’s practicing unconditional permission to eat previously forbidden foods.

Maybe it’s noticing fullness.

Maybe it’s noticing exercise intentions.

Maybe it’s challenging the food police in your head.

Maybe it’s gentle nutrition.

Please remind yourself that today is one day in the LONG GOAL of peace and freedom and liberation in mind body and food. This isn’t a crash detox, this is reclaiming your life.

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe