You CAN!

You can heal body shame and have a peaceful relationship with food.

Do you hate your body and not trust food? A lot of you will say yes, and we have been socialized to say so. I’m passionate about helping those experiencing distress due to body and food develop a little hope. ♥️ Have you considered that nothing is wrong with your body or the foods you want? Have you examined the role of shame (Shame says I am bad, defective, broken, malfunctioning) in your lack of self-trust? Have you noticed the role fat-phobia plays in your perception of your body and relationship with food? Have you considered you were born an intuitive eater with a miraculous body, but then were taught to ignore that intuition and distrust the body? Lots to think about - about a year worth of therapy to be exact.

So, wanna start to build body trust and heal your relationship with food? Lemme give you 2 objectives I give every client in my office (I’ve done this with thousands of people and it works).

1) Positive body affirmations. Note: I find it interesting how much kick back affirmations get. Really? Changing self-loathing talk to neutral or positive isn’t helpful? 🧐 I’d argue if you’re resistant to affirmations, just more evidence you will benefit. Are they the end all be all? No, nothing is. But they are intentional and foster mindfulness & self-compassion —> can’t argue those.

2) Give yourself unconditional permission to eat food. This is scary for a lot of reasons: diet cultures lies, fat-phobia, internalized fat stigma, believing food is moral, & not trusting yourself. Also, Orthorexia is normalized and praised in our disordered-eating “wellness”-obsessed culture. It’s harder and harder for my clients to trust food & themselves! However, you can’t operate from shame (which restriction and dieting does) and heal this complex relationship. Unconditional permission to eat all foods (not including medical allergies etc) is key!

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe