Anxiety Is A Liar

Anxiety, you damn liar! Our good intentioned friend has a tendency to catastrophize, see the world in black or white terms, & straight up lie to us (in the name of keeping us safe). How many times have the “what if’s” come true? What number of scenarios has anxiety truthfully predicted? Has its whispers of self-doubt & failure been spot on? No, dude! Anxiety lies!

Next time anxiety is coming at you, try a few tricks from your insta therapist:

  1. Call it out. Hi anxiety, it’s you again. You can hang out but I don’t have to believe you. I see you for what you are, a super-over-protective-exaggerator. I’ll hear you and feel you, but I’m not drinking the kool-aid. (Notice, we aren’t pushing it away or avoiding it. It may be a effing liar, but it’s still valid to feel).

  2. Help your body relax so it doesn’t believe the lies. Drop your shoulders to the ground, far away from your ears. Unclench your jaw. Drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Breath deep and let your diaphragm sink into your belly. 🧘‍♀️

  3. You’ve acknowledged anxiety, relaxed your body, now engage some rational + logical thought. What is 100% true right now? What facts & evidence do you have? What’s the evidence from your previous experience show? ️ Notice the thoughts that are exacerbating your anxiety & get curious. You can Reject them Challenge them & Replace them. Intentional & organized rational thinking can keep the lies in check.

You got this fam! 🤜🤛

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe