Replace Worry With Reflection

If you’ve listened to my Therapy Thoughts podcast episode on anxiety, you know worry is the cognitive component of anxiety.

Thinking, future trippin’, catastrophizing, awfulizing, predicting the future... all these worrying thoughts escalate anxiety.

What I propose here is using reflection to deal with your worries. An effective approach, in my experience, would be reflecting this way:

1️⃣ What in your past relates to your worry? (Health issue, abuse, neglect, rejection, pain, loss, etc). When you run into “threats” that are reminiscent of things that previously hurt you, your brain is hardwired to protect you (thanks to evolution). Reflect on what has occurred which is leading to your hypersensitivity and worry.
2️⃣ Offer yourself compassion (I dive more into this in my Perfectionism and self-love online mini course).
3️⃣ Be a loving parent to yourself. Get your own back. Offer yourself empathy. Know that as an adult you have power to *change it* *leave it* or *accept it* with your circumstances and triggers. YOU CAN GET SAFE.

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T. Roe