You Are Acceptable Just The Way You Are

Due to the work I’ve done, I’ve learned regardless of HOW I feel, I need to feel. I need to be vulnerable. I need to communicate. I need to be honest. I need to have hard conversations. I need to live in my integrity. I need to risk in safe relationships and show myself. It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it for me.

Today I shared some of my fears and with folks close to me and it was balm to my angsty souls to hear these words, “You are acceptable just the way you are.”

As much as I preach it, I too work to build worth that has no conditions. Moments where my safe attachments validate my worth are sweet. They add one more firing neuron to my ever building beliefs that maybe I am okay being Tiffany. But it’s most important that I keep reminding myself that I am enough.

I’ve had plenty of folks through my life say I’m not acceptable the way I am, so if that’s familiar to you, I see you. I honor your pain and internal wrestle. I know the hollow void that feels unfillable. It’s so warm when safe people add a few drops in, but it really overflows we we continue to tell ourselves we are acceptable just the way we are. We deserve to hear it. We need the constant and unconditional commitment from ourselves.

We’re not perfect. But we’re enough. Here’s to being human and making peace with the imperfection and struggle. Here’s to therapy and community. Here’s to living in our values and trusting in our purpose. I think you’re acceptable just the way you are, you’re good enough, and you can also improve where you can. It’s all growth and it’s all good.

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe