Therapy Isn't A Bad Word

‍Listen. I WANT TO MAKE MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT ACCESSIBLE AND SHOW PEOPLE THERAPY ISN’T A BAD WORD. I’ve lived it, studied it, taught it, and I have a life changing message. I survived. And by golly I’m gonna preach it! So, whether you see me at Target or attend any of my upcoming events, YOU MATTER AND IM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! Together WE are changing the mental health game, letting folks know therapy is cool, loving ourselves, breaking down stigma, and freaking eating tacos without guilt. The rest of the year is full of options for you to make yourself a priority with me by your side. I’m your pocket counselor! There are lots of ways for you to invest in your mental health with yours truly.

Y’all. Mental health matters. Stigma sucks. Therapy is cool. Get your own back. Practice mad self-love. Be cool to yourself. And freaking remember it’s not about the tacos.

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe