Five Steps for a Successful Self-Guide Meditation

Okay, fam!

Have you ever wondered, “Where do I even start with self-guided meditation?”.
Lucky for you our very own @mindfulmalorie has some steps for that!
Keep reading for a simple, relaxing self-guided meditation.

PS - One tip is to record yourself (or even a friend) slowly reading these prompts and replay it when you’re ready to meditate.

Namaste, friends.

1. As you find a comfortable seated position, begin to bring awareness to your breath, your external environment, and your internal state. 

2. Take a moment to pause and lean into whatever is coming up. Whether discomfort or ease, welcome what you’re experiencing — know that you do not have to change your state of being to practice stillness. You can also stop anytime you’d like. ⁣

3. In this stillness, when you notice yourself having a thought, label this as “thinking” and return to observing your breath.⁣

4. When you notice a sensation in your body (internal or external), label that as ‘feeling’ and return to observing your breath⁣

5. The whole practice will be noticing, labeling, breathing, and noticing again — this cycle is meditation! You are not meditating wrong, and you are not a ‘bad’ meditator. In this labeling practice, we begin to gently recognize and connect with our cognition and body.⁣

We are gently aiming to approach our meditation experience (thoughts and sensations) with ⁣

  • Curiosity ⁣

  • Non-judgement ⁣

  • Compassion⁣

  • Validation⁣

  • Patience⁣

And there ya go, fam! Isn’t Malorie great?

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