Therapy thoughts: one way to fight mental health stigma is to change your language.

Make an effort to stop using stigmatizing language.

Crazy, schizo, insane, unstable, psycho, bipolar or other diseases as an adjective, saying “they’re so anorexic” as an adjective when you cannot look at someone and diagnose anorexia, saying therapy is weak, emotions are weak, or saying medication is bad are all powerful words and thoughts that may perpetuate stigma through minimizing disease and stereotyping.

Here are some stigmatizing statements that are important to watch out for:

“You don’t look depressed.”

“Meds are a hoax.”

“Just be positive!”

“Stop worrying.”

“I wish I was anorexic.”

“I’m so OCD about cleaning.”

“This weather is bipolar!”

“Therapy is for crazy people.”

What would you add to this list y’all?

Therapy and tacos for all,