12 Ways to Cope with Emotions

  1. Create a Schedule for Your Day

  2. Go for a Drive

  3. Have a Picnic

  4. Squeeze a Stress Ball or Pillow

  5. Chew Gum

  6. Write a Thank-you card to someone

  7. Listen to your favorite song from junior high

  8. Drink tea or a warm beverage

  9. Go for a walk

  10. Play a board Game

  11. Light a Candle

  12. Sing

I have a list of 101 coping skills I give my clients that you can find here.

I wish we got these educational tools in elementary school. Imagine that, learning coping skills and how to feel and deal! Most of us are learning this now, and that’s powerful important work. Therapy is cool because it’s a place to value mental health and ongoing education.

Which one y’all gonna do? I’m going for my fav junior high jam. I was super into boys to men, no doubt, TLC, bob marley.... time to make a playlist.

Therapy and tacos for all,