How to be a loving parent to your inner-child in 3 major steps:

  1. Listen. Hear the needs that flare up when you are triggered, when unmet needs and childhood beliefs surface. Don’t avoid it or shove it down. Take a moment to tune in and ask, “what’s up baby girl?”

  2. Validate. Get your back. Say the magic words, “You feel _____ because...” Take time to validate, see why what’s happening is happening, and acknowledge the experience.

  3. Teach. This is the magic. This can be setting a boundary, breathing, relaxing, reframing beliefs and thoughts that are self-defeating, protecting yourself, allowing emotion to flow, taking a time out, checking the facts, looking at pros and cons, self-soothing, holding yourself, self-correction, structure, nurturing... or any number of need meeting and teaching moment responses that YOU NEED.

When we step into being a loving parent to ourselves, we have power to feel, deal, & heal without limit. Every moment of everyday we can be woke to our true values and goals of healing.

Let’s focus on 1, 2, or 3... what step do you need to work on and how would that look? 


Therapy and tacos for all,