I like to think of myself posing back to back with my inner-child as the inspiration for getting my own back.

How do we do this?

Well, just like we would in any relationship:

  • Validate yourself

  • Offer yourself empathy

  • Offer yourself compassion

  • Listen to yourself (this includes hunger cues, emotional pleas, cries for help, hints for connection, prayers for sleep).

  • Respect yourself (this includes respectful speech, gestures, acknowledgment, boundaries).

  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt (often when clients berate themselves I ask if they can defend themselves... maybe stand up for themselves a little. It’s an interesting practice when we’re in a shame cycle, it helps shift to compassion - which is much more conducive of change).

  • Allow yourself to feel deal heal

  • Encourage yourself

  • Meet your needs

  • Care about yourself

  • Be cool to yourself

It’s tricky shifting from a self-punishment paradigm to a self-love paradigm. We foster it through consistent daily action of being cool to ourselves and building trust. How are you gonna get your back today?

Therapy and tacos for all,