Intuitive Exercise Means Reconnecting to Your Body's Inner Wisdom

Therapy thought:

Comment with your fav body movement of choice. I prefer droppin' it like it’s hot a la 90’s rap!
When we drop out of the diet game and reconnect to our inner wisdom, exercise is no longer punishment; it’s movement, joy, personal goals, guided by our body’s wisdom with no rigid rules or limitations. When I am limited by arthritis and other chronic illness that limits my movement - I can still have movement that works for me. I can drop the guilt about “shoulds” and drop comparison then honor my own bodies ever evolving needs.

Sometimes that's yoga, dancing in my kitchen, running with my pups.

Sometimes it's just getting out of bed and making it up the stairs with a cane.

No shame game when we practice intuitive exercise. Let’s remove the punishment from exercise and practice respecting our bodies! What feels good for you? You have the right to treat your body with respect and trust.
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