How do we deal with the guilt from the past and all of the uncertainty that tomorrow brings?


Being right here - right now.

No judgment.

Just this moment.

And if we need a few extra tools to help us deal with these uncomfortable emotions like anxiety or guilt, THAT IS OKAY. Most of us are experiencing heightened anxiety for a variety of reasons. We've got this wonderful tool (OUR BODY!) to help us feel our way through it...

Three simple steps to practicing mindfulness with grief:

1. ACCEPT - Accept that anxiety WILL come. Instead of resistance, practice gentle acceptance of what is.

2. RELAX - Practice relaxation skills so your body knows it's safe. Breathe deep, visualize safety, take a hot bath, laugh, stretch, etc.

3. RIDE IT OUT - Ride out those feelings. Just notice, describe, honor, and let the waves of anxiety flow. Mindfulness is KEY.

Therapy and tacos for all,