How Do You Advocate For Yourself When...

How do you advocate for yourself when a doctor tells you to do some whack restrictive diet with no research backing? How do you advocate for yourself when a health care provider doesn’t hear you? What do you do when they don’t stay in their lane and suggest things they have no business sharing?

1) You don’t have to fight with them. You don’t have to educate them. You have permission to nod your head, roll your eyes, and ask for a different provider.

2) You can remember they are human. They went to school but did not learn all the things. They make mistakes and are full of bias. This may help with intimidation but may not at all.

3) Be assertive and set boundaries. It’s hard for me to do this and want to respect the power and intimidation in the medical field. BUT You have the right to say, “I don’t feel heard.” “I don’t agree.” “Can you show me peer-reviewed non-associative research?” “I feel intimidated and want a second opinion.” “I want more objective testing.” “You’re not acknowledging SES, your privilege, access, and your own internalized stigma.” “I will not do a restricted diet and you’re not a registered dietician so this is beyond your scope of practice and I want you to acknowledge that.” “I am uncomfortable.” “I’m good.” “This conversation is important to me and I need time to consult my support system and research.” “Cool beans.”

4) Ask if they can prescribe the taco cleanse.

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