Therapy Thoughts: Perfectionism

Therapy thoughts: Perfectionism is the tendency to hold and pursue unrealistically high goals (Mehr, Adams 2016). Research defines “neurotic perfectionism” (verses ‘normal perfectionism’) as the kind that is based in shame and never feeling good enough.

Distressing perfectionism is characterized by ️high personal standards, ️excessive self-criticism, ️worries about perceived mistakes and failures, ️dissatisfaction with your performance, ️and overall sense of being inadequate.

Let’s combine mindful awareness and self-compassion to kindly challenge the perfectionist inside. ️ Remember we tend to have high expectations and focus on flaws when we have a perfectionist tendency.

Begin by practicing a non-judgmental approach to your thoughts and feelings.

🤔Notice when you are getting judgmental then apply self-compassion. So, instead of naming your experience as bad, wrong, failing, etc. you say, “It’s okay boo, I got you and know you’re enough.” ♥️ Self-compassion will combat perfectionistic symptoms such as depression & anxiety. 🤟

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