Feel, Deal, Heal

•Validate emotions
•It’s okay to feel this
•Give them space
•Resist judging emotion
•Just notice and allow
•Honor it
•Mindful acceptance
•Observe sensations
•Emotions are waves
•Don’t fight or suppress

•Talk about it
•Use body movement
•Dig deep
•Work with emotions head on

•Growth from the experiences
•Post traumatic growth
•New neuropathways
•Cognitive flexibility
•Increased empathy
•Self trust
•Healing continues on

Feel deal heal is my call to all of us to change the mental health game. No more shame around emotion. No more labels like, “I shouldn’t feel this, it’s wrong, it’s bad!” Lets learn how to self validate and radically accept the sensations and signals in our bodies. Our bodies are a gift that let us process emotion. Our goal is to tune into their guidance and feel deal heal. It’s the T Roe method.

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T. Roe