Hey Girl, Cellulite Has Literally Nothing To Do With Health

When were you taught to fear cellulite? I remember being in 5th grade and seeing cellulite on my body and thinking, “that means I’m bad.” I picked up on fat phobia and cellulite phobia very early in my life. It set the stage for my personal struggle with mental illness.

Have you noticed who has cellulite? I see cellulite on infants. I see cellulite on children. I see it on teenagers. I see it on adults. It’s on men and women. I see it on fit bodies, thin bodies, big bodies, athletic and Olympic bodies, sick bodies, and confident bodies (labeling bodies this way to make a point).

••What does that mean?••

It means it’s normal. Nothing is wrong with you if you have cellulite. Cellulite has nothing to do with health, weight, fitness, or size. Cellulite is present in 85-98% of women. It’s a natural part of a human beings body!

Diet culture thrives off our cellulite insecurity! Focusing on it is a DISTRACTION FROM YOUR PURPOSE!

Cellulite is present for almost all women because of the makeup of our connective tissues, fat cells, and skin. It’s a normal component of women’s physiology.

However, the over $70 billion diet industry profits off of pathologizing human bodies. So kids, like me, think they’re bad. I work with adults (with hurt kids inside) everyday who are tortured by body image concerns. Because of toxic body hate culture, they don’t wear what they wanna wear, they hate the mirror, won’t wear a swimsuit, verbally abuse themselves, and live in a state of shame. .

How is this helping anyone? Cellulite has literally nothing to do with health. I argue it has nothing to do with beauty. It sure as hell has nothing to do with self-worth, your purpose, soul, and confidence.

️ Here’s permission to reject the self-hatred and generational debt of cellulite fear. Focusing on cellulite is a great tool of oppression. This is a feminist and political issue in my opinion. Rebel against an industry that makes hella bank off of your self-hate. Be badass. You DON’T have to hide. What’s your purpose? Fight for it.

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