Stand Your Ground on Diet Talk

Stand your ground on diet talk. Here’s the thing, if everyone else has the right to endlessly talk body size, weight hate, diet indoctrination, and bad mouthing themselves in general, us recovery warriors have the right to stand our ground. For me, it’s a moral imperative. It’s a pact I have with little Tiffy. It’s me standing up to the unsolicited comments I’ve heard since I was a child. It’s me standing up to the endless “you’re so thin” comments while I was pregnant that have have now gone silent with postpartum body changes. It’s me GETTING THE BACK OF THE WOMEN & MEN AROUND ME WHO NEVER FEEL GOOD ENOUGH.

I’m not saying be an awkward butthole jerk. I’m not saying attack or insult anyone. Quite the opposite; empower yourself and others. Speak your truth. If others aren’t afraid to proselytize their diet cult material, we don’t have to be afraid to spread self-acceptance and peace with body and food!

What can you say when you’re in a similar situation?

•I love and accept you just as you are.
•I’ve felt that same way before and I’m working on a new approach.
•Have you heard of Intuitive eating?
•Validate them and have compassion from a place of support - it doesn’t mean you agree.
•You’re so much more than your body and what you eat!
•Let’s heal! Let’s watch out for the self hate and bullying because we wanna make peace with ourselves!
•Have you seen that crazyass therapist on Instagram, she talks about this all the time🤪!
•I understand. I also am so sad to hear you’re feeling stuck and sad.
•I’ve ditched diets and body talk!
•How does it feel to be where you’re at?
•I’ve learned about the connection between restriction and fixation, it’s a whole new world!
•F diet culture!
•You don’t have to diet! Dieting is oppressive!
•What can you think of?