Fat Is Not A Feeling

It's not an emotion What are you really feeling? If you feel full, is it something you can tune into? If you feel insecure or self-conscious, are you able to get curious and explore that? If you feel fear, can you locate where the sensations are in your body? Are you questioning your worth, lovability, belonging, or safety? Can you go beyond the body thoughts and see what’s deeper? If you’re prone to saying, “I feel fat,” pause and see if you can sense what else may be presenting beyond that statement.

A couple thoughts to marinate on while living in a fat-phobic society:

Fat is not the enemy. For example, fat gathers around a woman's midsection and thighs for a reason. We need it to regulate hormones and to maintain fertility. It protects our reproductive organs. During menopause, fat builds protect against osteoporosis and help regulate moods. Fat isn’t a bad word. And it isn’t an emotion. What ARE you feeling? Where? How? Notice and describe.

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