Be A Loving Parent To Your Inner Child

Therapy Thoughts: Get their back. Put them first. It’s gotta be you who shows up for yourself. It’s gotta be you who protects them, meets their needs, validates their feelings, sets and honors their boundaries, and heals the shame and betrayal we all face from ourselves & dysfunction in family systems.
Offer your inner child compassion. Play. Listen. Talk. Visualize. Validate. Love. Care. Write. Meditate. Connect. And set boundaries for the hurt inner child who is calling the shots. We don’t want our inner 7 year old making calls from a place of fear and self-defeating beliefs. Show them how to be safe. Lead them like a loving, warm, consistent, and safe parent would. It’s your job to be that loving parent to your inner child self.
Inner-Tiffy is my number one, always. I take care of her first. Who else can? It’s on me to speak to her kindly. It’s on me to not demand perfection. It’s on me to tell her she is enough. When I take care of her, WE we are far more capable of showing up for others. Our favorite thing to do is play with animals and ride bikes. What does your inner-child wanna do today?

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T. Roe