Happy Monday! Time to start the week of banishing some mental health stigma!

Here are 5 reasons why seeing a counselor ISN'T WEAK for whoever needs to hear it:

  1. It takes courage! Facing our hard stuff (which is pretty much what counseling is all about) is a courageous act. It’s not weak.

  2. Change is hard. I propose that doing something “hard” like changing, facing uncomfortable emotions, taking responsibility… is the opposite of weak. What’s EASY is doing the same thing we always do; it can be the road of least resistance. Pretending like nothing is wrong and acting stoic can prevent authenticity and movement. Growth and change is HARD. It's not weak.

  3. Getting professional help is smart. Counseling is the mental health equivalent to many interventionists for physical health. You recognize something isn’t working and you seek professional assistance. This is a smart choice, not a weak choice.

  4. Valuing mental wellness is a positive investment. Those who seek to better their mental health are making an investment in their well-being. I think we all agree that’s not a bad thing. Mental health is a major component of overall wellbeing. It’s not weak.

  5. There's proof in the pudding

I received this email from a recent first-time client: “I just want to say that last night after leaving our appointment, I was filled with such a light and excited feeling. Hard to describe but it was a true happiness I haven’t felt in a long time. I am really looking forward to your guidance and knowledge in helping me rediscover and connect with my soul. I am ready for this journey.” If this is an outcome of counseling and people around us say counseling is weak… perhaps that’s okay. If the outcomes are joy and happiness, maybe we can just give the stigma the middle finger as we smile (like, smile big) and as we proceed forward on the high road.

Therapy and tacos for all,