Therapy thoughts: The work of making peace with mind body & food is really about practicing daily self-compassion.

It looks like, “I can feel this.”

If it’s too strong it may look like, “I can do something to cope with this.”

It may sound like, “This is hard and I recognize my suffering.”

It can sound like, “I soften my resistance, I allow these emotional waves, it’s okay to feel this, my feelings are valid.”

Feeling & dealing is my life’s work but it’s not like I’m here saying, “I did it let me teach you how to arrive at this fluffy taco cloud of feeling-free heaven.” Nah. It’s daily intention. There’s no living without emotion. Everyday we re-commit & reconnect. We learn and practice. Sometimes we tense up and shove it down (damn, I’ve done that all year.) Other-times we are really in tune and able to use mindfulness and validate like a champ (I’ve done that too!) It’s all part of it and it’s all feeling dealing healing! Keep at it fam.

Therapy and tacos for all,