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Numbing behaviors are behaviors we use to relieve a sense of pain or discomfort. We often opt for numbing behavior and coping strategies because they are often fast acting, easily accessible, produce immediate results, and create chemical changes in the body.

Nurturing behavior and self-care strategies are behaviors that serve our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. They provide short-term and long-term support in meeting our needs.

Always consider duration, frequency, amount, & intention, when it comes to numbing or nurturing behaviors. Numbing and nurturing behaviors can overlap. This is a mindful practice of learning your needs, self-care, and a lot more.

Nurturing Behaviors VS Numbing Behaviors:

  • Connection and Support on Social Media VS Disconnection and Escape on Social Media

  • Some Netflix VS Headache and Foggy Lethargy From So Many Episodes

  • Enjoying Girl Scout Cookies VS Restricting, Binging, Purging Because of Girl Scout Cookies

  • A Drink or Two With Dinner VS Binge Drinking or Black Out

  • Buying a Few Items For Fun VS Shopping to Excess and Sabotaging Your Budget

Therapy and tacos for all,