Your Body Isn't Wrong, The Culture Is

I encourage you to marinate on this long and hard. I want you to read it and feel what it brings up. Your body isn’t wrong. It’s not a problem. It’s not bad.

This will cause you some cognitive dissonance because we have all been brainwashed (I sincerely use that word) to hate our bodies. We’ve been told they need to be different. We’ve been told our worth is defined by them. We’ve been falsely promised happiness if we manipulate and change them.

Those lies are the problem. The objectification of bodies is the problem. The pressure aimed at young girls is the problem. The shame aimed at pubescent girls is the problem. Ageism is the problem. The double standard of aging is the problem. The perfectionism aimed at adult women, mothers, menopausal women, elderly women... is the problem. The toxic value of shrinking your body is the problem. The lies about health being even correlated with small size is the effing problem.

Your body is a gift. It’s life. It’s function. It’s a vessel to help you live out your calling and purpose. It allows you true happiness by giving you life.

Think for a moment what the diet industry has to gain off of your body-hate. 🤔 Then think what you have to lose from body-hate? What do you have to gain from radically accepting and loving your body? ♥️ Compare the three and reeeeeaally consider what if this message is true and you’ve been duped by diet culture, dude!!

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe

’m super stoked on my body. It has nothing to do with how it looks. Basing any worth or self-love off of appearance is a super sandy foundation. I believe in deeper soul-searching-real-badass-goddess-warrior worth. As I age I plan to only increase in my worth and self-love. Society is hell bent against that goal (ageism) but I’m here to sock it to ‘em and hopefully bring you with me.