Perfection Is A Cover Up For Our Shame

We overcompensate where we are most vulnerable. We mask the parts of us that we think are unacceptable. We front and try to look perfect, when really we need authenticity and self-compassion.

Where’s your shame? What areas feel scary and vulnerable? Do you notice that’s where you wear a mask of perfection? Do you see anxiety and extra effort go where you’re most insecure?
Perhaps see perfectionism as a distraction from dealing with the emotions and beliefs surrounding that area. Allow yourself grace and compassion in this exploration because it’s tender. Don’t make being imperfect another thing to be perfect at, watch that shame monster when it masks itself as self-improvement. Start testing the waters of owning your humanness and being cool with ALL of you. Acceptance is the name of the game here, by acknowledging and allowing for the messiness, you can really access self acceptance.

I promise you’re not alone. We all gotta sift through the layers of self to reach consciousness and mindful living. I actually find it fun and exciting to do the hard work to then come through feeling empowered and enlightened. I suggest marinating on deep stuff like this in meditation🧘‍♀️. I always have breakthroughs when I allow the feelings to just simmer. Get curious about your inner process without judgment. Lmk what comes up for you as you soak it all up.

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