Who Goes To Therapy?

First; many people who value mental health CAN’T go to therapy because it’s not accessible! There’s immense privilege tied to therapy, cost, insurance, time, hours, waitlists, availability, access to specialists, etc. But what I’m talking about here in this quote is stigma.

I’m challenging the “you need therapy you’re crazy” narrative. Those kind of statements show stigma. Therapy is cool. People who go to therapy aren’t automatically weak, crazy, dangerous, or beyond the point of help. The people I know who attend therapy value mental health! They are interested in betterment. They value inner-peace and want to improve their relationships. They value education and learning tools to improve themselves.

If we can work with personal trainers, doctors, coaches, mentors, teachers, we should be able to work with professionals for mental health! PLEASE LETS STOP STIGMATIZING SOMETHING WE ALL NEED. And let’s keep pushing our elected officials to make mental health care accessible and part of our education system.

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Therapy and tacos for all,

T. Roe