Who Can I Serve in Times of Crisis?

Intense crisis will bring intense emotions. It’s easy to overcompensate due to fear and panic and get lost in self-absorption and stories and fears about safety and worthiness. So we want to feel, validate ourselves, and stay connected to the present and service is a powerhouse skill to do so. Simple and powerful mindset to carry at this time.

A neighbor?

The stranger ahead of you waiting for fast food?


Your family?

Providing food, money, donation?

Buying a gift card to that local restaurant?

Offering emotional support to another?

What’s calling you, how can you serve?

The cool thing is this is a distress tolerance skill and will benefit your nervous system and emotional turmoil to turn outwards and help others.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Service to others is a powerful mental health skill. Send a thoughtful text, give some time - whatever you can! What can we do to serve today? And no shame in serving self too, this post isn’t some attempt to pressure or guilt anyone / it’s meant to empower and provoke thought. So if you’re overwhelmed and can’t get out of bed - you don’t HAVE to DO MORE. Just check in and see what fits for you today

Therapy and Tacos for all,

T. Roe