Ways to Swerve Diet Talk!

In diet culture, we’re inundated by diet, food, body, weight, health-morality comments in nearly every aspect of our lives. Your boundaries and needs matter on this subject!

I’m not saying be an awkward butthole jerk. I’m not saying attack or insult anyone. Quite the opposite; empower yourself & others. Speak your truth. If others aren’t afraid to proselytize their diet cult material, we don’t have to be afraid to spread self-acceptance and peace with body and food!

Remember, you don’t have to change anyone. Not everyone will have the same beliefs. You don’t have to educate people. You also have the right to speak your truth. It may be spoken in different ways based on the person, relationship, place, and time.

Here’s some ways to swerve diet talk:

•Boundaries: “Happy that works for you, but that doesn’t work for me”

•Change the subject: “Cool, did you see that new movie”

•Be vulnerable and real: “I’m over dieting. I’m sick of the body hate and numbers & insanity. I want inner peace”

•Educate: “Isn’t it wild how diets actually don’t work. We’re born intuitive eaters & I’ve returned to that”

•Empowered: “I smashed my scale, screw diet culture”

•Walk away: “Gotta bounce”

️ Other:

•I love and accept you just as you are.

•I’ve felt that same way before and I’m working on a new approach.

•Have you heard of Intuitive eating?

•Validate them and have compassion from a place of support - it doesn’t mean you agree.

•You’re so much more than your body and what you eat!

•Let’s heal! Let’s make peace with ourselves!

•Have you seen that crazyass therapist on Instagram, she talks about this all the time🤪!

•Im so sad to hear you’re feeling stuck.

•I’ve ditched diets & body talk!

•How does it feel to be where you’re at?

•I’ve learned about the connection between restriction & fixation!

•You don’t have to diet!

What’s helped you navigate diet comments & cultural norms?

Therapy and tacos for all,