Therapy is Cool, But Therapy is Hard.

I cried in session today with a client.

This has happened just a few times in my ten years as a counselor, but it’s always so tender to be in those intensely emotional moments, vulnerable and raw and real WITH someone.

Therapy is cool but therapy is hard. There’s nothing weak about it. It’s brave and badass to dig into our deep inner parts and explore. Sometimes I consider stepping away from the therapy world because my business has so many branches and it’s just a matter of being spread hella thin... but I don’t know that anything can compare to the moments of pure humanity and connection that I’m honored to witness.

Y’all are badass warriors. Just honored to be here with this community. Thanks for changing this mental health game and making therapy cool, feeling dealing healing, and making peace with mind body & food.

Do you still hear stigma around therapy? What’s your response?