How To Work Through Our Crap

Therapy thoughts: got beef with someone, or something? Here’s the process. A lot of us just “wanna get over it” but feeling and dealing is necessary to heal.

So we first feel mad and allow that anger. We need anger to get us out of shame and exploring resentments is a powerful way to do it. We give that lots of time and then we look at our part. How does this person or thing affect us and how can we take responsibility for our part and do OUR work. This doesn’t excuse or justify anything for anyone, but it allows us to look at our egos, reactions, self-interests, and self-defeating beliefs.

Then we build empathy. Seeing others with understanding. Seeing and understanding they have wounds that are unhealed. And moving through this we process to acceptance and forgiveness. In my professional experience I don’t see forgiveness as a checkbox, but much more a process, kinda like grief. But lots of peace comes with acceptance AFTER we’ve really honored the process, including the yucky parts.

Feel deal heal fam. What step are you drawn to in your current healing work?

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