Signs Of Hunger

Signs of hunger, like any experience, are unique to you! Did you know hunger doesn’t happen just in our tummies? In fact, by the time a lot of us feel gurgling in our tummy, we’re ravenous! Here are other hunger signs:

Stomach: rumbling, gurgling, gnawing, emptiness.

Throat/esophagus: dull ache, gnawing.

Head: Cloudy thinking, light-headed, headache, difficulty focusing and concentrating. Having more thoughts about food.

Mood: Irritable, cranky. Have to work hard to refrain from snapping, even if you don’t appear irritable.

Energy: waning, sleepy, dullness, apathy, numbness, lethargy.

How do you feel hunger? Make sure you have self-compassion as you explore hunger and fullness. We all experience all ends of this spectrum! No judgment or shame. It’s a journey.

Sidebar: If you don’t feel hunger cues for now, continue to work with a registered dietician and licensed therapist as you eat regularly and build back your relationship with body and food. 🥦🥥🧠♥️

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