Self-Love & Journal Prompts

Time For Some Therapy Thoughts!

Today I wanna talk about self love and a sneaky belief a lot of us have that says in order to be lovable, we have to change or hide core characteristics of ourselves.

Let's break it down.

Here's an example. For so long I thought, "How am I ever gonna get a guy to like me? My personality is too freaking big. I'm too emotional. I'm too intense. I have to hide that".

But I had a really big breakthrough. I realized that I needed to instead shift to a belief that said, "I need to find someone who is a good match for me. Who will compliment my traits and my characteristics. Who will be a safe, secure attachment for me". 

So instead of saying I need to hide and disappear, shifting into the mindset that I can show up exactly as I am and be loved. And I won't be for everyone, but there are people who are a good match for me.

So many of us have his shame and deeply held belief system that says we can’t be lovable. I want you take that on. This makes for some good journal prompts...

Self Love Journal Prompts

  • What is it going to take to detach conditions from your worth and your lovablity?

  • What characteristics do you say are unlovable about yourself?

So sit down with your laptop or pull out your journal or a piece of paper and get to it. Write freely and see where it takes you. Self worth fam! Let’s do the work!

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Therapy and tacos for all, 
T. Roe