Self-Knowledge + Self-Compassion = Self-Worth

Therapy thoughts on a Sunday!

Knowing ourselves and having compassion is the equation for self-worth.

Can you come up with an example? Here’s one I’m thinking about:

Self-knowledge: I sometimes compare myself negatively to other thought leaders, seeing them on a pedestal and perceiving myself as a peon. I’m a perfectionist and know wanting others approval is a belief I picked up as a kid.

Self-compassion: I acknowledge this story and the roots from where it comes. I’m not alone in this, pain, comparison, perfectionism, the numbers. It’s all okay to feel.

Self-worth: knowing my patterns and traits and tendencies brings them into my conscious and therefore power. I can accept myself and make peace with all parts. I can be a loving parent to myself and drop the expectations of being perfect. Self-worth is internal and isn’t decided by outside factors. Investing in self exploration and compassion are how we build it. Be cool to yourself, because hustling to get other people’s approval will never carry the staying power that your own self-validation does.

I chose a vulnerable example to empower you to do the same. What example comes to your mind?

Therapy and Tacos for all,