Self-Care Is Our Right

Self-Care is our right.

We all deserve self-care, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Why? Because it’s crucial. We don’t want to go spiritually, emotionally, or physically unconscious, so we need to take care of ourselves. You are deserving by simply being alive. You are a soul, a human, you really are a miracle and despite what cultural norms, family norms, or beliefs you have about self-care; it’s your birthright.

It’s not a reward, it’s part of the process – For most of us, we will never do enough to “earn” it anyway! Make self-care a conscious decision to stop and say, I’m worth taking care of.

️Self-care is our responsibility.
No one is going to take care of us. Many of us yearn for someone to come nurture us, filling a loving parent role and to meet our unmet needs. – while we wait, we neglect our own needs.

Taking responsibility for our own self-care allows us to enter into mutually beneficial relationships to meet our needs, rather than being dependent on someone else.
Don’t be a victim. Own your right and responsibility.

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