Easy Is Overrated

Easy is overrated. So often when it comes to mental health I hear, “But it’s so hard.” Look, growth and healing won’t happen if we’re in that “comfortable nurturing our inner demons” place. ••We need to get comfortable being uncomfortable•• Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. ALSO, I sometimes challenge my clients. I’ve noticed when they (or I) say it’s hard it’s not like what they’re currently doing isn’t already hard. How “easy” is it being stuck in the cycle of trying the same approach over and over expecting different results?

I’ve found “easy” is not *always* the accurate word... our self-defeating beliefs and behaviors are FAMILIAR. We might be comfortable with self-defeating patterns. Even if it’s harming us, we often prefer familiarity because it proves our beliefs about being unworthy etc. And ya know, it may be hard, straight up! It may feel hard and messy and scary... AND WE CAN DO HARD THINGS! We press on and work and HOPE that the process of growth will bring clarity, peace, and joy. I see it happen ALL THE TIME. 🤟♥️ . Self love, body image, ditching diets, healing eating disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, exploring who we are... you name it.

The whole being mindful of your thoughts & feelings thing may feel daunting at first, but “easy” is overrated and won’t get you to your mental health goals. It actually gets easier once we get over the initial hump! Funny how that works, right? .
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