Dessert Can Happen Anytime When You Escape The Diet Culture

Since we’re all entrenched in diet culture, we often don’t question the diet rules we’ve learned (fish in water scenario). So here’s a reminder: Dessert doesn’t have to be “earned.” It doesn’t have a to be had at a certain time. It doesn’t have to be eaten last, or eaten alone. It doesn’t have to be burned off or worked off. It doesn’t have to occur only after working out.

What if your body could intuitively let you know when it wants the really satisfying textures, tastes, and experience of dessert?! I’ve realized a lot of the fear around Intuitive eating is because people associate it with that “period” after a diet where restricting has the natural consequence of going buck wild and we eat all the foods which were previously off limits. That’s not the long term intuitive eating day-to-day reality ya’ll. You gotta zoom out and focus on the big picture here! That “rebel” phase is just that, it’s an early & important phase. We naturally have to rebel against restriction and re-establish consistency, trust, respect, and stabilize our hunger and fullness cues after famine.

Trust the process. Healing your relationship with food and body is sooo different than dieting. It’s psychological healing. It’s a paradigm shift. It’s confronting years of conditioning and learning new ways of being (much like recovering from extreme dogma and fear based cult beliefs). It’s about so much more than food. It’s about reconnecting to you and learning all about the gray areas. Big deal! Be cool to yourself! If you still diet, want to diet, love dieting... I hope my message of self-love still hits home regardless of your approach to food 🤟

What’s your dessert of choice?As you know; Mr. Roe loves that salty smooth (peanut butter). I’m more of a gooby fruity flavor kinda gal (gummy worms) or freezy cream

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T. Row