A Shift In Faith Is A Normal Part Of Development

We change through the lifespan. Biological, cognitive, and social-emotional changes are expected in EVERY developmental stage from prenatal-late adulthood. This includes shifts in faith! Not only is it normal, it’s expected. Swipe to see the popular developmental theories by James Fowler and Scott Peck.

Spiritual work is integral in my work as a holistic therapist. Many of my clients over the years report spiritual abuse, spiritual gaslighting, manipulation, and shame from religious frameworks. Many others find actualization, meaning, peace, and purpose within the same framework. My job is to support folks in living in line with their unique values and connection to something bigger than themselves. Whether that is spirituality, religion, something else... a shift in faith is a normal part of development and having permission to be authentically committed to what works for you is important.

Where do you see yourself in the stages of spiritual development?

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