3 Steps to Help Cope with Anxiety

Most of us are experiencing heightened anxiety for a variety of reasons. THAT IS OKAY. You are not your anxiety, but having anxiety is okay. Your body will help you process this energy.

1. Accept

Accept that anxiety WILL come. Instead of resistance, practice gentle acceptance of what is. It doesn’t mean we like it or want it - but to change our relationship with emotions we gotta leeeean in. “I accept that I’m feeing anxious right now.” Feel deal heal is a grounding mantra to get past our normal resistance of emotion.

2. Relax

Practice relaxation skills so your body knows it’s safe. Breathe deep. Progressively tighten and release your muscles. Visualize safety. Take a hot bath. Laugh. Stretch.

3. Ride out those feelings

Just notice, describe, allow, honor, host, watch, and let the waves of anxiety flow! Mindfulness is KEY. Surf the waves - it requires trust in the process and letting go of control.

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Therapy and Tacos for all,