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Validation is the name of the game! Don’t try to fix it (you can’t). Don’t rob people of their emotional process with platitudes. Each person has their own unique experience. Some may be okay telling you details & being open about their feelings. Others may want to create a boundary and not talk at all.

It’s true none of us can control people’s reactions to our questions & comments, my agenda isn’t to scare people into silence. We all blow it & say the wrong thing sometimes! However, we all need to improve our awareness of depression and validation. We need to take responsibility for changing our invalidating-fix-it toxic-positivity culture. We want to get rid of uncomfortable feelings (in others and ourselves) & it’s stigmatizing. My hope is education can improve our communication skills! Let’s better hold space, listen, validate, and support those going through hard things.

20 Things To Say Someone Dealing with Depression:

  1. You matter

  2. Your feelings matter

  3. Your feelings are valid

  4. I believe you

  5. This is so damn hard

  6. That sounds really scary

  7. I’m here to listen

  8. You can text me in the middle of the night

  9. You matter to me

  10. What’s it feel like in your body?

  11. You can tell me the dark things and I won’t judge you

  12. I Can stay with you

  13. It’s okay to feel what you feel

  14. I’m so sorry

  15. This isn’t fair

  16. I really love you

  17. I want to acknowledge how you’re suffering

  18. I support your boundaries

  19. Are there warning signs and triggers you want to tell me about?

  20. When it gets bad I’d love to be part of your safety plan and support you - open invitation always!

Therapy and tacos for all,