Trauma & Transitions Training for Pros

Approved by UMHCA for 5 ceu credits 
Who is this for?
Counselors therapists, mental health pros.
Professionals wanting more guidance, education, research, & structure when working with clients going through religious trauma & faith deconstruction. 
Training agenda:
  • What is religious trauma
  • Signs and symptoms of religious trauma
  • Assessing religious trauma
  • Spiritual abuse
  • High control tactics eliciting conformity & subjugation
  • BITE model
  • Religious Trauma Syndrome
  • Co-morbidities
  • Treatment planning for religious trauma / religious trauma syndrome
  • Therapeutic modalities for religious trauma
  • Practical skills for religious trauma clients
  • What is religious/faith deconstruction
  • Signs and symptoms of faith deconstruction
  • Assessing faith deconstruction
  • Treatment Planning for faith deconstruction
  • Therapeutic modalities for faith deconstruction
  • Practical skills for faith deconstruction clients
  • Countertransference & Self-Disclosure

What's included? 
5-Hour Training Session: 
Learn research and experienced based approaches to helping clients with religious trauma and faith deconstruction! We’ll go through assessment, treatment, and explore lots of ways to help them feel deal & heal.
Digital Workbook: 
I created a 70 page workbook to support someone going through an LDS faith transition. It covers crucial knowledge points and key skills, tools, strategies, and exercises to empower clients to work through their deconstruction. You'll have a framework with tons of ways to support your clients. You can print the digital workbook once for yourself & to use in session, feel prepared with a roadmap and a lot of skills to help clients:
  • Navigating a Mormon faith crisis
  • Processing grief during and after a faith crisis
  • Positive mental health during and after a faith crisis
  • Rebuilding your identity after a faith crisis Purpose, meaning, morality, spirituality, health code, & community
  • Nurturing spirituality (even secular spirituality) after a faith transition
  • Communicating with believing family and friends
  • Healthy marriage/relationships during and after a faith crisis
  • Finding community after a faith crisis Navigating a mixed-faith marriage
  • Effective parenting during and after a faith crisis And more topics related to navigating and coping with a faith crisis
Guided meditations: You get 6 meditations to help your clients !
  • Autogenic training and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Boundaries Meditation
  • Inner Child Guided Visualization
  • Mindfulness of Emotion in the Body Meditation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Self Care meditation
Assessment Resource Sheet: 
  • Assessing religious trauma checklist
  • Assessing Complex Trauma checklist
  • Assessment tools to support understanding clients Religious Trauma list
  • Assessment tools to support understanding clients faith deconstruction list
  • Assessing Spiritual Abuse checklist
  • Assess for high control tactics that elicit conformity and subjugation checklist
  • Assess for cult survival checklist
  • Assessing faith deconstruction checklist
  • Questions to explore a clients religious deconstruction experience list
  • 20 Journal Prompts to support religious trauma/transition clients
  • Book list