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On this episode of Therapy Thoughts, Dr. Courtney Tracy joins Tiffany Roe to talk about Substance Abuse, Mindfulness, and Living our Truth. They talk about the intricacies of substance abuse and recovery. They also talk about mindfulness and listening to where we're at. Dr. Tracy challenges us to think outside the box of traditional substance abuse recovery and this conversation is GOOD!

Speaker Bios

Dr. Courtney Tracy
Dr. Courtney Tracy, known as "The Truth Doctor" on social media, is an addiction and mindfulness expert. She fuses the stimulating intelligence of a research-informed Psy.D. with the honesty of a true friend and the compassion of a loving mother. Dr. Tracy has been using her talents to develop, run and create space for programs from non-profit agencies to luxury high-profile treatment centers to her own community-based adult addiction clinic called Good Heart Recovery. Since obtaining both her LCSW license to practice and her doctoral level degree, she's been featured in numerous news outlets. Always leaving us wanting more, Dr. Tracy is known as "the AOC of therapy" and she's changing the game.
You can find Dr. Tracy on Instagram or TikTok at, listen to her Podcast Your Unconscious Is Showing, and at also find her work at
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