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Episode Description:

In this episode of Therapy Thoughts, Tiffany talks with her friend, Neena Warburton about her values and her faith. Neena gives us great insight into how she lives intentionally through her values and the action steps she takes daily to focus on mindfulness and self care. She also talks directly about her faith and how she grew up Mormon and how she follows her faith today. Tiffany and Neena talk about the innerworkings of self care and mental health care and also some ways to support kids and teenagers today.

Speaker Bios

Neena Warburton
Neena is a former School Psychologist (BS, EdS, NCSP) turned stay at home mom to four kids 11 and under, entrepreneur, and parent educator. She focuses her life around making an impact in the world, whether it’s through her health and charity company, at home with her children, or in the lives of parents or caregivers seeking advice and support in their lives. She's passionate about raising a generation of adults and children that are more emotionally aware and adaptive to influence the world for the better!
You can find Neena on Instagram at @allthingsneena and on her website at
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