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In this episode, Tiffany meets to talk with Dr. Colleen Reichmann (@drcolleenreichmann) about so many topics. They start off talking about the struggle of recovery and mental health during the COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Reichmann breaks down some ways we can all practice self care during this pandemic. The two move on to discuss wellness diet culture and toxic fitness culture too. They share their own experiences and call out problematic behavior in the wellness community. Dr. Reichmann and Tiffany share about the difficulties of sharing their infertility stories and why doing so in a public space, like the internet, can be so taxing. Lastly, Dr. Reichmann gives us a hint at what her new book "The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery: Advice from Two Therapists Who Have Been There" (co-authored with Jennifer Rollins) will be about when it's released in March 2021! She leaves us with a message of hope that recovery is possible and that eating disorders go deeper than food.
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Dr. Colleen Reichmann:
Dr. Colleen Reichmann is a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She works in her private practice, Wildflower Therapy. She is recovered from an eating disorder, and this experience sparked her passion for her work. She is an advocate for intersectional feminism, body liberation, fat positivity, and Health At Every Size. She speaks at national and regional eating disorder conferences, and writes about body image and eating disorders for MORELove Project HEAL, The Mighty, Recovery Warriors, Adios Barbie, and more.
You can find Dr. Colleen Reichmann on her website at and also on her Instagram at @drcolleenreichmann. She asks that if you have the funds to make a donation to please donate to the National Eating Disorder Association
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